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A “Quiet” Day on the Farm

It is not yet 10 AM. Four men are on our roof. Five more are on the ground outside the window. I can’t see them because plywood sheets are covering that window.

Scraping and banging above my head has kept a steady rhythm for the past two hours.

Ah, the quiet life in the country.

We have lived in this house for four months. It is, I hope, our very last move. We love it here. But moving and unpacking is just the beginning.

Consider this a word to the wise.

We knew we needed a new roof. That’s a huge investment, but one that will last for the rest of our lives. We are, after all, at “that” age.

A generator also seemed a wise investment. This is well and truly the country, and on a mountain at that. We toughed it out many times in our suburban ranch on that cul de sac a mile from a grocery store. Now it’s a fifteen minute drive to the grocery store. And anyone who takes winter in the deep Catskills of New York lightly deserves to have their pipes freeze, in my opinion.

So there are two massive investments right up front. And that is over and above the problems we discovered once we were here.

The riding mower that prior owner so kindly included in the deal? It need to be rebuilt. The flat tire was just the beginning.

Lights in the entry and the closet had shorts, making ominous crackling noises. Enter the electrician.

The well pump is a tribute to antique machinery. It, and the pressure tank, must be replaced. That is going to be pricey, and tricky as well. It isn’t worth taking the time to describe the well setup to you. Just trust me – it’s the weirdest thing any of us have ever seen.

The water in the basement isn’t the slight problem we were led to believe. It’s a “Get down here and start pushing this water toward the drain or put on your waders!” problem.

And did I mention we are creating a music studio for my partner in crime?

Be prepared, home buyer. No matter how great the results of your inspection, buying a house is just the start. There are changes you will want to make. There are repairs you will HAVE to make. And there are changes you desperately want to make (I’m talking to you, dropped ceilings, excessive quality paneling and avocado tub) that will have to wait.

The sexy changes have to wait. First, you’ll have to make things right. It’ll be worth it. But for now, I’ll be decorating the upstairs bath with colors that complement avocado green.


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