Winter has arrived.


This was the view out my window as the first truly serious snow of the winter began to fall last night.

And here’s the view, about twelve hours later.




I’d say there was about a foot of snow from this storm, which isn’t as much as was forecast, but it was enough. It was that lovely, soft, powdery stuff that is light to shovel, but no good at all for making a snowman. And I really did want to make a snowman.

I also wanted to try sledding down our hill, but it’s a pretty gentle slope, the sled’s nothing great, and, bottom line, it was a bust.

Violet Wiggins, however, was having the time of her life. Is there anything better than a dog roaring around a field a top speed, bounding through the snow with a massive doggy grin?

I love living in the country. I love my little farmhouse. I love this quiet part of upstate New York.

How lucky for me I get to help other people find their places here, too.

#countryhome #farmhouse #Franklin #upstate #escapebrooklyn #farm





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