Winter Real Estate in the Catskills and beyond

001-3 Westridge Rd-Cooperstown-Barnett-2019123lm

This lovely ranch illustrates an issue realtors and sellers face when a property comes on the market in the depths of a Northeastern US winter. The exterior photo simply doesn’t do it justice.

It’s a stunning edge-of-town property in what I will argue is the most beautiful small town in New York – and maybe anywhere: Cooperstown. Yes, the Cooperstown that’s all about baseball.

But do you know that Cooperstown is also home of Otsego Lake, a pristine, lovely, surprisingly undeveloped six mile long freshwater lake that begins in the sleep town of Springfield Center and ends at Lakeshore Park in the center of Cooperstown?

It’s also home to the Farmer’s Museum — and I’ll have a lot more to say about that later this spring– as well as the Fenimore Art Museum.

And this house is just steps from one of the loveliest golf courses anywhere, as well as the historic Otesaga Hotel. And a bit over three hours from the GWB.


But there were piles of snow outside when we listed this property. And no matter how great the house, snow simply doesn’t look welcoming.

So when you look for this house for sale on the Sotheby’s website (and you should), you’ll find it nestled in lush, neatly trimmed green lawn, looking like a gem in a perfect setting.

It’s not misleading. That’s how it looks in summer. And that’s simply allowing it to shine as we look for its new owner. Luckily, the sellers had a good summertime photo we could use until we can take one of our own when the snow is gone.

If it hasn’t sold by then.

There’s one exception to that snowy problem, and it’s only good for a short time. Here’s what it is:


FB_IMG_1544217921225 copy

When a house looks like this around the end of the year, it’s a great opportunity to help a buyer imagine what a snow-dusted holiday in that house could be like.

And just for your information, this is that house without the decorations.

IMG_1983 copy

It’s a beautiful Federal in the adorable Chenango County town of Oxford. It’s large. Quite large. And it’s just a stroll to the postcard-perfect town square. But this is a quiet part of upstate New York, and I suspect the price will shock you. It’s move-in ready and it can be yours … for $119,000.

Welcome to Upstate New York. It’s hard to beat.



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